The Essence of Multifaith Heart  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We offer an inclusive approach to spirituality honoring the many traditions we live with. To live an open view of reality where we can witness other traditions and celebrate the light of spirit in its unique way fosters richness, respect and good relations. To live with unity, with an open  mind to how others approach the issue of interconnection allows a greater field of consciousness.

Welcome to Fires of Compassion

The nature of compassion involves heartfelt connection with the light. In doing so the consciousness of the greater intelligence then has opportunity to support us. The freedom we claim in listening, learning and witnessing brings true awareness. This place of awareness allows potential  soothing. We learn of compassion's unique way of sustaining tenderness and soothing, gently yet powerfully fostering equanimity. It is perhaps the ultimate vehicle for change beckoning continuous exploration, gratitude and rectification. Compassion is a truly formidable force; it’s the little tugboat capable of guiding us well beyond what seemingly appears to be unmanageable.

The compassionate heart is seen as the vehicle in many powerful traditions. Those we know will see that the only goodness that offers union of heart is that which is of God.

- Diplomat of Earth Stewardship

- Ordained Multifaith Minister

- Certified Spiritual Healer 

- Certified Chi Kung Instructor

- Certified Tai Chi Instructor

What is faith worth?

Most people work to survive and know a world supported by physical worth.  The point of this becomes a source of pain in those who look to the world and know that the greater the compassion the less we need. When we find comfort in providing support for those less fortunate we catch a glimpse of a human field of kindness.

What the need is we can’t actually provide, yet in sharing the sensitive power of heart we unify the consciousness and create a community of giving. When those who give are taken in kind the cycle of heart is held. This offers the flowing essence of faith as a delicate impermanent way. To know and sustain this power is an act of personal will and commitment to the greater knowing that when we are sustained together we flourish in all ways.

If faith is of heart and commitment, then the economy we share is supported in respect. The popular belief in a finite reality will shift and awaken us in new ways as we learn of faith.

                                With Thirty years of heartfelt giving. Spiritual  counselling services are available.

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