Those who know nature as a place to reflect and renew themselves know the power of a good field. The earths complex beauty becomes more apparent to us as we learn of its subtle and sensitive nature. Traditions of old respected the consciousness of our natural world as a foundation for spiritual care.

If we look towards our natural environment with discomfort we know a conflict evidently known. The process of working earth consciousness is not easy, if our world is based on another value. Those who seek to honour the cycles of nature know how flow and change are health, an offering of respect for that which governs consciousness.

If we cannot find comfort in ourselves or the earth that feeds us, and cannot lend care or promote good relationship – what we face is a crisis. Have we lost engagement to a state of oppression?

Earth Spirituality

Cream colored roses

Petals of thunder

A touch of

Light in beauty

What the wind

Knows of you

Caressing this moment

With your mouth

Places the one

That is good

On a blue

Piece of blessed

With all tomorrows

Knowing the rhythm

Of the flower

In heart together

​Copyright Denise Richard