In service and support of a process beholding for your individual needs. The presence of care and healing safely engages the work of good grounding in heartfelt gathering.  

Fires of Compassion offers an inclusive approach to spirituality honoring the many ways that inspire community and  health. To live with a Multifaith view of reality, where we can witness other traditions and celebrate the light of spirit in its unique way fosters richness, respect and good relations. To live with unity, with an open  mind to how others approach the issue of interconnection allows a greater field of consciousness.

The nature of compassion involves heartfelt connection. In this we involve ourselves with the intelligence of a greater will.  The freedom claimed through listening, learning and witnessing brings awareness. This place of awareness is the potential soothing we learn to create. We learn of compassion's unique way of  tenderness and of powerfully fostering equanimity. It is perhaps the ultimate vehicle for change inspiring continuous exploration, gratitude and rectification. Compassion is a truly formidable force; it’s the little tugboat capable of guiding us well beyond what seemingly appears to be unmanageable. 

            The compassionate heart is the vehicle that  helps in spiritual growth. Those who know see,  the union God and heart. ​​​​​​​

                                        This is an information site for those interested in spirituality and the light of consciousness.

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Welcome to Fires of Compassion. As we look to know how to help each other in times of need, there is one way that stands the test of time. To know that heart holds. In good connection we manage the whole. For some this is God, Others see the heart of compassion.

For Mother Earth

​I call on the great wisdom of the earth to guide and protect me
To take me as I am and nurture me, my belly lay flat against your desert
To open my roots of strength half hidden but knowable
To show me my allies and guide me
I humbly offer my open heart and knowledge of the infinite goodness
Eternal tenderness and mysterious creation from energy to form
I accept my path with its obstacles and challenges
I see my reflection in the clear desert lake as a healer/changer and hope 
that I may reach those waters
My blood will run freely in my body as clear mountain streams
My thoughts will be as the bubbles that form a flow on the surface
My love will be fierce as windstorms and tender as the smallest "forget me not"
And when the ground beneath my feet crumbles and I am falling and lost in fear,
I will hold to the wisdom of the soft eternal breezes
In the midst of fear I will find a whispering voice from within that will have me look towards the light that is the hand of Grace, ready to ease my heartache

and heal my fall.
Let the earth be my mother, let my true nature be free

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