We offer an inclusive approach to spirituality honoring the many ways that inspire community and  health. To live with a Multifaith view of reality, where we can witness other traditions and celebrate the light of spirit in its unique way fosters richness, respect and good relations. To live with unity, with an open  mind to how others approach the issue of interconnection allows a greater field of consciousness.

The nature of compassion involves heartfelt connection. In this we involve ourselves with the intelligence of a greater will.  The freedom claimed through listening, learning and witnessing brings awareness. This place of awareness is the potential soothing we learn to create. We learn of compassion's unique way of  tenderness and of powerfully fostering equanimity. It is perhaps the ultimate vehicle for change inspiring continuous exploration, gratitude and rectification. Compassion is a truly formidable force; it’s the little tugboat capable of guiding us well beyond what seemingly appears to be unmanageable. 

            The compassionate heart is the vehicle that  helps in spiritual growth. Those who know see,  the union God and heart. ​​​​​



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When the heart is open - care is effortless. The protection of our soul is reflected in how we engage. In today's world we don’t speak to one understanding of spiritual power for we do not support the promotion of Faith. As a result we suffer from the lack of understanding of what supports our growth. To promote unconscious practice is to support that we have no care for the result of our actions. In today's understanding of Faith we look only to see what doesn’t help.

If we look to know how to help each other in times of need, we have one option that always stands the test of time. This is to know that the unity of heart holds one in good connection and helps to manage the whole. For some this is identified as a God, for others it the love of heart.

If we ask: how can we open the heart if the soul is not supported? The only answer is to say that distinctiveness of soul promotes uniqueness and experience in perception. Through this work of spiritual grounding we learn to actualize a personal view that can then work to find common holding in heart. If we neglect the personal work we look to lose the way of heart.

Essence of Multifaith 

       Spiritual Care