Care of our nation and community today.
Everyone comes from somewhere - our land history reveals tradition - a way of relationship between land and people. Right relationship supports a caring, a positive link between a way of life and a way of care for what sustains us. Earthstewardship could then be seen as a way of engagement, a way of right relationship. The Earthsteward acts on behalf of those who care for this way and offers presence in care respectful of a natural field of earth.
In the early nineties Earthstewardship was introduced to me through an indigenous course in community care. Issues of care with land could be addressed successfully in proper order. The traditional view supported relationship of a personal, collective and spiritual order – requiring that spirit of land be honoured and holding of property be carefully regarded.  This course pressed for the potential of a spiritual way, a timeless practice of quiet sitting and walking of land.
In the late nineties I was engaged to support Earthstewardship with a written agreement to protect the original land agreement of our nation. An international assembly offered a collective holding of care and provided links with mindful practice. During this time experience with care and observation of land issues grew. Commonly when land doesn’t feel right or doesn’t produce there is human issue. Providing guidance in right relationship would require asking questions of responsibility. At that time, seldom would there be enough awareness to conclude that the issues of land climate involve misrepresentation.
Now three decades later the question sits; How do we grow with Earthstewardship?
Land care provides essentials for good holding as a form of Earthstewardship. Yet, if we envision a way of work that lends grounding towards a greater reach for climate, Earthstewardship would extend in care to protect the greater field - the natural field of earth. Consider health of land and the linking of foundational practices that provide care as a resource. Practices that purport a reach with the big picture are now available. Growth in awareness is essential to lend to land - practiced long ago essential care practices provided collective care for land and community. If we care, then Earthstewardship is a resource for creativity in care of land and community issue.
Laws of the land and laws of our natural world come together. Influences of climate change teach us that loss of relationship is  key. Reconnection, reclamation of relationship can only occur with clear and caring boundaries, laws that care. What part of no do we not understand. If we violate land, violate community, violate relationship – land and people will not be sustained. Violence is a first challenge. Earthstewardship as a non-violent practice protects the compassionate way.
Of my challenge with Earthstewardship today, essence in care derives visibly through my personal relationship with the growing field. Awareness of care in lifestyle opened my way to care of other and care of relationship. Like clean, clear water is standard for good health, would clean and clear ways of work be standard for all days?

For Mother Earth
​I call on the great wisdom of the earth to guide and protect me
To take me as I am and nurture me, my belly lay flat against your desert
To open my roots of strength half hidden but knowable
To show me my allies and guide me
I humbly offer my open heart and knowledge of the infinite goodness
Eternal tenderness and mysterious creation from energy to form
I accept my path with its obstacles and challenges
I see my reflection in the clear desert lake as a healer/changer and hope 
that I may reach those waters
My blood will run freely in my body as clear mountain streams
My thoughts will be as the bubbles that form a flow on the surface
My love will be fierce as windstorms and tender as the smallest "forget me not"
And when the ground beneath my feet crumbles and I am falling and lost in fear,
I will hold to the wisdom of the soft eternal breezes
In the midst of fear I will find a whispering voice from within

That will have me look towards the light that is the hand of Grace

 Ready to ease my heartache and heal my fall
Let the earth be my mother - let my true nature be free

Lakota Elders

  • 5:20