Light of Tao
Perfect in roundness
Deep and clear
Whispers of white

What the beauty
Wants is no thing
In its entirety
Surrounding eternity

Placing the dearest
Gaze upon us
Without over revealing
The nature of goodness

The way of renewability

The Taoist way supports health in community. This way opens the understanding that in respecting and supporting the human energy system, a person could live in excellent health well beyond normal.

When Taoism teaches, we learn to involve ourselves in a sensitive understanding that what sustains us is not of physical origin. What this means, we look to orient awareness in body  and hold towards that which is of goodness. In this we allow for a  clear respect of the body and the subtleties that maintain balance. This has been known always.

Though the physical world seems finite, those who practice Taoism know another reality. When a person opens to the knowing that energy is everything and impacts our world. the way of observation is a greater field of light.

To produce optimum health we hold a daily standard of practice that protects the consciousness and heart that we love. The play of consciousness in daily life is a mirror for that which we observe. The way of Taoism entails awareness of the opening of mind to that which is forever available and healing. When the mind is open, healing, change and joy are accessible.​ 

For those who look to Taoism for healing the primary issue  is of a personal concern. True healing is service and requires a generous giving of heart.  The  heart is a transcendent vehicle that joins us in light at all levels.

The sensitivity and awareness that we claim through Taoist practice ignites the creation of good grounding, clear heart and healthy relating. As we face discomforts and allow the way we chose to relate through heartfelt acceptance.

In accepting the  circumstances of a situation we can experience deep pain as it may ask that we recognize and respect the importance of other in the play. What is considered is service to those who are in right relationship and harmony with heart. What is not considered is misuse  of power. How we affect others is important, we ask and pay gratitude for kind presence and the holding of good association. The power of consciousness is given to the one who is present. This entails the honouring of those who are in good practice. To know a process that honours those given the power of Chi Kung and Tai Chi is to reclaim an association of heart.

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