When self-care and the care of others are prioritized we reduce the possibility of pain, suffering and possible impediments in relationships of all levels. When one is properly  respected and held consciously in heart relationship unfolds with flow. The native tradition knows that when the light of spirit is held, the community will know  a healthy and healing relationship to earth.

When the power of spirit touches us the physical world  is held. What we learn is that when we are able to move with lightness and positivity we find ourselves in gentle movement with creation. In daily life we sustain ourselves and meet our needs through the habitual act of taking, we actually live an experience of ourselves as consumers. Through daily consumerism we can forget how the body, mind and soul are uniquely endowed with the ability to flow, reclaim harmony and rebalance with earth. 

Tantra in community


I am blessed to know an inclusive approach to spirituality. To live an open view of reality and accept the many traditions that live among us requires that we grow in awareness and celebrate a multifaith light. As an artist with a spiritual vision, I would define this approach as a tantric way. To open the mind and allow the flow of consciousness as it exists personally and collectively moves us to participate in community culture with respect to issues of connectedness in other traditions.

Respect for this quality of consciousness provides a way of harmony that enforces a protection commonly known as devotion. To devote and hold respect for the natural world is only good if we can also respect  the nature of being human and the intimate relationships that sustain us in our lives. The known experience of tantra without the respect of all levels of awareness creates a reductive simplicity and challenge in community. The tantric view of reality works towards respect in human interaction and knows that when we have clear and clean commitment to relating with awareness the heart will open. The tantric experience is known as the vehicle through which we grow. In Canada this play has been confused and coined as primarily sexual play. This attitude degrades the light of a consciousness that looks with wholeness towards the nature of human kindness. For those looking towards tantra as way of growth and spiritual practice the reclamation of a total understanding is a necessity as consciousness is what liberates.

Consciousness and Tantra

The nature of essence is so alluring in beauty we look together to know and experience how it works. It speaks artistically. Awakened senses distinguish nature through distinct scent or visual power, with shape and form that entices in potency. The draw is of purity and the act of taking is demanding, an impulse so natural yet it leaves a field of distress as balance is continual. The ebb and movement of flow in patterns that only essence can manifest educate our body and mind in maintaining awareness. The engagement makes the path a mysterious journey for when the cycles move easily though the barriers of time and space with awareness we grow.

If essence naturally teaches us embodiment and presence, the pull towards unity ignites engagement for those who imagine. This way moves in fluid process like the waters of body and heart. The delicious attraction entails a quality of consumption that places concern for the purpose of generating respect. This offering as a way invites awareness of other and perpetual holding that asks for humility.  The tantric path is the continual unfolding. The unknown as a sure and trusted aspect of this path will be understood and felt securely through heartfelt acceptance. The relationship we create with this path and those who share will evolve in awareness, and right placement of heart heals conflicts that distract our way.

The disengagement of heart when clearly marked is of value when chosen. The path is a continual allowing for consciousness and a never ending respect for desire.  As the felt senses are experienced between the telling of love and hate, the polarity if accepted with gratitude will hold greatness. As we feel the sensitivity and depth of impulse we open to explore the distinctive nature of who we are. The flow of knowing this puts us in a position of taking and not giving.

Desire is actualized as a power of distinct value. The stronger we sense and know the more we look to place ourselves in that way, this is known presence. If the value doesn’t have importance the power will not hold ground. The grounding is the place where embodiment, heart and presence are shared. The light of heart is a simple and direct putting of consciousness.

In awareness we have choice, in relating we can grow as the heart is the highest field. Towards heartfelt motivation we create a new understanding when the need is strong. If awareness is good and the field is love the sharing is healthy and renewing.  


The invisible embrace

I remember long ago participating in a spiritual chant. This  process is devotional.  Through call and response the group energy grows to hold a field of heart. This evening event was dedicated to help support the victims of a tsunami. The person leading the event was an older and experienced Yogi. He was a westerner who had spent many years studying in India with a Baba. To my surprise, this shy reclusive looking man walked up on stage and opens the evening’s prayer with a huge outcry that sounded like a child screaming for its mother. His words were calling and begging for the light.

Shivers went down my spine as the room went totally quiet. I don’t think anyone in that room expected such intensity of sound and power to come from this slender man. We were caught off guard by the sincerity and devotion in his heartfelt outcry. It felt like he was actively reaching out to engage with primordial forces imploring for support and compassion for this human race.  His voice rang out through the great hall, and his songs echoed sacred words with incredible clarity and purity of intent. I caught a glimpse of a man who understood how to engage power of emotion, with clear intent. For that moment we all felt a compassionate embrace within the sounds echoing all around us.

He supplicated himself to his teacher, a wise and supremely intelligent consciousness, it was easy to be moved and taken by the momentum of the chanting. I felt the invisible embrace that comes when the heart is open, and the body and mind are in full response.

Those few hours of chanting had a huge impact on many. The crowd was deeply moved to dance with tears and laughter. And just like that, as one person touches the graceful web of intelligence wholeheartedly and consciously it affects us all. For this reason, we are all blessed if even just one person has the generosity and care to share the fruit of their spiritual devotion with others. Bearing witness to the realization of another has a soothing effect upon our soul, helps us to maintain the faith necessary to move through difficult times, and motivates our awareness of what great joy there is in serving and easing the pain of others.

Through  the witnessing  of the Yogi’s love, we are brought into relationship with each other. We were strongly unified as we shared the resulting relationship from the process of chanting. This was a moment of union that brought lightness, brightness and clarity of consciousness. Moments like these are instrumental for the creation of a continuous flow of light.

The most powerful of habits is reconnection with heart, in this we support and sustain not only ourselves but also a field of earth. In stepping forward our daily habits play a key role in maintaining right relationship.

The tantric approach to spirituality exists in many forms. We commonly see this in nature as the possibility of existence in its basic foundation with consistent shifts and movements throughout. For example the gift of the seasons moves us to explore the flow of light and change in environment so naturally that we couldn’t imagine denying the existence of a greater power that teaches us to walk silently. In the tantric view this foundation of consciousness is what leads us to know a greater good and grow in enlightenment for the natural world does not seek to harm.

In the  native tradition energetic power is naturally of earth and viewed as feminine. Our physical world unfolds as the feminine power of earth manifests and changes continually. The cycles  of nature move us in consciousness and therefore our  relationship to this world holds power. The light of great spirit known as the awakening power - brings us to know the nature of self in our world. Together these are inseparable as the sun, moon and earth are immovable. In like, when in action together  we can understand motivation, we learn and grow through experience.