Chi Kung for Wellness

Described as awe, the light of consciousness as in any good faith brings forth the ability to relate and find comfort. Who hasn’t known this considerate life inspiring quality!

The process of meeting the challenges in daily life can be exhausting and discouraging to anyone who supports the good of all.  If darkness is promoted there is disassociation with  humanity. In the Chi Kung tradition cultures of old identify the heart of practice as an actual light. The reception of this  is usually interpreted as an essence of love. This light presents  protection and refuge for those who suffer. Chi Kung serves those who chose the way of compassion as the practice is viewed with awe since it is not in any way misrepresented. 


***  Sessions are for those who look to know how the body regulates and functions in the play of a powerful purposeful work world. Usual counselling practice looks to understand issues through discussion and awareness. The way of Chi Kung Counselling  discards the usual way of generating awareness to include the heartfelt practice of Chi Kung. For those who look to relieve themselves of chronic stress or painful issues of body, this work is very easy and gentle.