The swell of  heart

Moved breath in grounding

What took a golden

Moment in time

Reaching light drops

Carelessly stung 

Performing a tragic

Dance of love

What goodness claimed

You was of a beauty 

Transcendent of power

Playing upon all worlds

Copyright Denise Richard

The play ​

The usual movement of heart towards a greater good will create a manageable holding of power. In other words an act of goodness will temporarily soothe the mind and create a manageable reality.  Much of the time, like drops of power we string these moments of doing together thinking that security is held yet achieve  the leaving of heart. 

When the necklace of power is taken into the night and put together without heartfelt creation indulgence is the way. The pleasure of taking in darkness offers illusion in power.  This is to say that power without  mindfulness in creation will deny and destroy resourcefulness. Resource is the heart open and kind. And, carelessness of who is of God and what is of goodness is the thread of unresolved pain. In spiritual terms indulgence in this  way is spiritual bullying. Taking stance without understanding,  and denying the inclusive heart is a perforation and murderous act.  In denying spirituality we negate life and the whole, for what is given in true heart is naturally without intent to harm. Copyright Denise Richard