The transition of a shamanic consciousness from natural environment to an urban environment marks a strong point of experience for spiritual people. If we examine the roots of shamanism in tribal community we see that urban community has a very different perspective and need. One example is that the human heart is not well when being held in another’s consciousness  without consideration for the natural way is  in reverence to something wiser and greater.  For some this experience is not of comfort for in the urban way we do not have the understanding of mother natures’ consciousness as was once.

When a shamanic practitioner makes use of a healing the practice is a specific power. The nature of power  exists as holding and enforcement, the issue is how to maintain greater good. If the way of opening to consciousness is of heart then the outcome is of good nature.  Clear and clean signs of proper management of consciousness and energy are indicated in  how values are held. 

As the shamanic community works  there is harmony in movement as intention is aligned.  This power is of importance for if good intention is maintained, the community can grow in wisdom and experience. When the intention of practice is only to remove then the power will create misalignment.  The stability of the community is maintained through an attitude of service that includes and opens in potency.   

The shamanic way of power

To understand how power is held in relation to culture, we look and see that there has always been a person of power who protects community. This person is devoted and usually given a way of experience that demonstrates in practice a high dedication to community at large. Ancient culture has proven to know that the one who is qualified to look beyond the natural world and observe how the signs dictate the flow of awareness is linked with the greater power.

The practice of observing how the flow of energy reflects surroundings and collective voice will provide the way to access subtle consciousness. In practice this means that the awareness of the Shaman is good if it serves to help and hold the standard of health for all. When challenges develop the way is revealed through observation of how light and power guide understanding and heart.  In todays’ world there is standard for training where as in the old way the chosen one was taken through a series of experiences to know that there would be respect for the power and total dedication to health. This meant that the apprentice was usually given a task to meet death and choose which way was best for care of the whole.

What the world needs is a view of shamanism based in the way of the ancient culture where care for community and health are the way. In spiritual matters we know that this path is of value if those practicing shamanism can view themselves humbly as the vehicle and not the way.

Shamanism as a way health

Earth based health practices involve sensitivity, awareness and practice. The common view  usually practiced offers removal and cleansing.  These practices  work to heal through energetic support. This is of service when the need for healing  is indicated.  Shamanism in this way is of community  and works to protect the whole.

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Survival in the natural world made this way of life standard, for the indications in nature would clearly mark and provide the opening of awareness for health.  In other words what transpires in awareness through the natural world, informs and links with the subtle world, and therefore offers a way of viewing and interpreting a way of protection through observation and reflection.


This consciousness is now more available and hopefully  those on this path will be taken in heart and experience a shamanic reality of good will.   The original view of shamanism was based in a natural world that indicated how to move with existing circumstance and challenges. Ancient cultures understood the importance of having a designated leader to look over the health and welfare of the tribe as this person would work for the greater good and health of the community.   


Ring of heart 

There's a song the old ones sing

Of brilliant fields and colored sand

With the reach of all who know

Ring of heart and healing hands

There's a plea the old ones say

Keep the power with the land

Place the shield in protection of

​The spirit of the band

Shamanic life and the environment

Today our understanding of shamanism has evolved to include a new way for urban people to experience spirituality. In order to have an experience of shamanism we are supported to open the mind to a subtle experience with distinctions of body, mind and thought. This knowledge creates new realities, an awareness that subtleties in our personal world also affect the world around, therefore as we effect change subtlely we can affect our world.

                                                 Prayer for Mother Earth

​I call on the great wisdom of the earth to guide and protect me

To take me as I am and nurture me, my belly lay flat against your desert

To open my roots of strength half hidden but knowable

To show me my allies and guide me

I humbly offer my open heart and knowledge of the infinite goodness

Eternal tenderness and mysterious creation from energy to form

I accept my path with its obstacles and challenges

I see my reflection in the clear desert lake as a healer/changer and hope 

that I may reach those waters

My blood will run freely in my body as clear mountain streams

My thoughts will be as the bubbles that form a flow on the surface

My love will be fierce as windstorms and tender as the smallest "forget me not"

And when the ground beneath my feet crumbles and I am falling and lost in fear,

I will hold to the wisdom of the soft eternal breezes

In the midst of fear I will find a whispering voice from within that will have me look towards the light that is the hand of Grace, ready to ease my heartache and 

heal my fall.

Let the earth be my mother, let my true nature be free