Souls' look at humanity will reflect the degree of heart and awareness of self. If a person is not interested in goodness or service of heart their consciousness will demonstrate a need to dominate and take hold.

Why I speak of this is because in the Kaballah this action is not of God. God is the essence of light and love that knows presence, so when a person is of presence that essence will know a great source of light and love. The light that is needed to hold this quality of essence is very subtle and can only be cultivated through prayer and practice. When a practitioner is present the quality of light is comforting and peaceful.

Today we have more interest in the Kaballah but no understanding that it is not the number of practices, but the quality of consciousness and reverence given to the one who holds the light for others. A great practitioner doesn’t need to have dominance for the light is ever present. The one person who is capable of knowing this light is the one who desires to open the heart. In the Kaballah that person knows that the light is of the play of consciousness.

To know the Kaballah is to understand that the person who is giving is holding the light and the opening for others. In our Canadian culture we don’t always consider the importance of the teacher but in Kaballah this way is the tradition and has held itself for millions of years.  As a nation we can learn a lot from such a potent and powerful tradition. ​ Denise

The Judaic representation of Divine essence is  Shekinah. She is light and consciousness representing a way that humans will evolve and understand.

When soul is taken with Shekinah there is need for understanding. The changes required for soul to remit what is not of essence will inquire a need for God's love. This kindness is of the world  and not within souls’ reality. 

Oval buds with

seeds of clear

potential were dropped

into your lap

The movement so

subtle that one

instant can make

the world blessed

Take yourself far

into the soothing

for what just

happened is you