When we look to the process of observing her in nature and within conscious acts of giving, the power produces a field of kindness. This kind presence is capable of holding and moving us into new ways of relating. The knowing of this power is a human potential that will open a heart devoted to genuine beauty.

The play of her graceful presence is commonly observed in a variety of ways. There is a knowing that in small doses she helps to heal. In large doses her power can move a nation to change its values. What we know of her power is that it is deeply moving and sometimes conceived as overpowering. Those dedicated to know her and promote right ways of loving and healing are clearly held within her field of light. The vantage of this work is to know the beauty of a creative energy that is only in service as is the heart.

Her beauty and power is felt as a divine intelligence that gives and takes as is. The knowing of Guan Yin is the experience of a personal relationship with the light of creation and the way of devotion. To seek her power is to dedicate to an understanding of a peaceful way. Together we share in this light as human beings give to the greater good knowing that the light of spirit is held by way of love.

Devotional practice

Thousands of years of spiritual life have brought us to know that the service of our hearts leads to the actual placement in the light of consciousness.

In many traditions we learn that the offering of will to that which is greater and of total understanding brings a knowing of that. In experience we come to see this as the ultimate gift to giving. Giving of heart, will and mind is sometimes called surrender. This thread is commonly found in spiritual people.

When we encounter a process where pain and suffering engage our sensitivity to the conflicts we have between the working physical world and the loving spiritual world we are sitting at the edge of our spiritual understanding. The ability to know how to let go and allow the greater light to secure and protect is of the upmost value. The teaching is active as the process of our consciousness is of choice.  To devote and hold reverence and respect for that which is good will be the one way to know.  

Devotion is the active process of total surrender that places us in a mutual experience of respect. Therefore in this place the boundaries that unify and ask us to know the play of spirituality are sensitively guided through the one who has been designated. Those who  hold understanding of who the source will allow, will understand and look to the teacher as the one who has dominion. 

Therefore when we hold devotion of a high nature we come to know others of a loving way also sensitive of heart. We come to recognize that the world we know is good when those that surround us can claim a personal field that is of great health and bountifully held in acceptance. Copyright Denise Richard


The light of her purpose is of quality if a high standard of giving is allowed. When the consciousness that we share opens to receiving an understanding of goodness that seeks to harmonize, we come to know a light that protects and secures the heart of all. In the Buddhist tradition she is known as the mother of all who cares compassionately for humanity.


What the tradition of Guan Yin shares with other traditions is the knowing that the goodness of creation is of a female nature. As seen in the natural world we come to know that the mother continually teaches us renewal and release of old. The comfort of knowing that all is temporary and that the light of her being is secured within and all around protects our mindful nature.

Water drops ignite
truth in deep

wells of love

Respond without pain
Knowing the holding
of your heart