Through years of heartfelt experience with master teachers, I've understood a way of work that is isn't usual. A way that makes use of community space with respect, and a way of involvement in the natural world without hurt.

My engagement in Earthstewardship began with two teachers. The first - I opened to the beauty and power of earth with the Lakota. I enjoyed years of teachings in women's studies. This unique way of care helped me reclaim my health and spiritual grounding.  I received an understanding of how this indigenous culture protected the way of relationship with the mother.

The second experience was more common. I chose to commit to a practice of Tai Chi in a playground at a local primary school. The continuous play and health enhancement not only promoted community  space with spirit, but also held adult care in presence. 

These traditions offered natural care, both engaged a larger service that helped teach how we can experience stewardship in usual ways. 

​This way of work in Earthstewardship doesn't ask anything more than awareness and heart. We care. We do not engage in activism or violence. This supports the ancient way. We speak in a moment of truth as  our focus is to work with the care and healing of earth.

The making of a commitment in a higher order through the International Assembly of Earth Stewards was well suited. This was the birth of Fires of Compassion long ago, with an agreement for care and mindfulness in action. Upcoming programs are available online and in group classes. 

​Denise Richard