New Program

Through years of heartfelt work, I've understood a way of care that isn't usual, a way of respect and care for community space - a way of involvement with the natural world that does not harm.

I first engaged in awareness of earthstewardship through a Lakota elder who spoke with heart of the beauty and power of earth. I enjoyed her teachings in Lakota tradition and held respect for the way of women's care. This experience  helped me reclaim health and spiritual grounding.  I understood through experience, how indigenous culture protected the way of relationship with the mother. If Earthstewardship asks for care in awareness and asks for care and protection without violence, we find hope for healing and repair in all places. 


Earthsteward Certification

Trusting petals in
Fire light existing
Brightly in hues
Purely through reflection

What transforms is
Visible when presence
Ignites the way
Without ever distributing

Beauty and
Thought playing in
Dance with thousands
United within 

Compassion born here
Lives for all
To know the
One trusted fire