Trusting petals in

Fire light existing

Brightly in hues

Purely through reflection


What transforms is

Visible when presence

Ignites the way

Without ever distributing


The beauty and

Thought playing in

Dance of thousands

United within it


Compassion born here

Lives for all

To know the

One trusted fire

Earth Spirituality

Those who look to nature as a way to reflect and renew themselves know the power of a good field. The beauty of this world becomes more apparent  as we learn the subtle and sensitive relationship with the earth field. Traditions  of old  respected consciousness of the natural world as a foundation for spiritual care.

In the world today we look towards our natural environment with discomfort for the conflict is evidently known .  As we work to support better holding of earth stewardship we come to see  the owning and promotion of power over land as potentially destructive.

The process of working with earth consciousness is not easy if our world is based on another value. Those who seek to honour the consciousness of earths cycles know this flow as health, offering respect for that which governs our consciousness. In support, the development of faith in traditions of old  grew in need of cultural distinction and the protection of collective consciousness.  



Reconnection with the earth and surrounding elements is easy but not necessarily comfortable. It can take a considerable amount of time to find a personal and familiar power that soothes. If we consider that we spend more time in our easy chair than sitting quietly on the earth we see the issue is long standing.

The body harmonizes naturally with the environment, yet as we are exposed to more electrical power, issues of health and disconnection become more evident. The elements in the natural world are potent and move the systems of the body to find balance. If the earth resonates at 8 hrtz and helps to create the grounding for all other elements  then grounding is a simple practice. If we take the time to open ourselves regularly to this we can find an easy and direct way to health.

Earth Prayer

I will never forget the native elder who gave the power of prayer in a teaching. Our journey together was the most important reconnection of my life. In the native  tradition it is common to use an abalone shell as a vessel in spiritual practice. Why the use of a beautiful glistening shell of rainbow colour?  In this way of praying  the shell represents the purifying clear water element within which are placed the elements of earth and fire, together creating the spiralling smoke (air). With clean intent this consciousness lifts and raises the practitioner into awareness of that which is of the earth yet tangibly spiritual.

In prayer I was not taught association with a specific object as most people learn to pray without any support. Prayer has a way of involving the senses so totally that the world can cease or stop momentarily.

When a person is intent on making a plea for connection with something greater and wiser there is a need to hold a specific place within. When an object like the shell is used to support the practice it serves as a link and becomes an anchor with the spiritual world. In spiritual practice the use of prayer is a primary gate through which we create a personal and potentially unshakable relationship of faith.

The exploration and development of this relationship will awaken awareness of levels of consciousness as subtle needs and processes. The most obvious is the plea for support and guidance. Each process is specific to a persons’ personal growth.  Remembering the personal link with the greater good doesn’t come in a consistent fashion for everyone. The ebb and flow of consciousness in our daily physical life deeply impacts our receptivity with the subtle world. In order to maintain conscious and clear relationship proper and daily practice is necessary.

In prayer we can visit levels of consciousness that support respect for the greater forces.  Our need for help impacts our degree of receptivity, therefore the practice of observation and listening help in actualizing  fulfillment and openness. When in prayer we open to light and request connection with a greater field, it is in heartfelt expression that we experience a healthier and consistent relating. 

Love of land

In the tradition of my ancestors I was taught to make a plea for protection. As a woman who observes her native roots I was inclined to look to ways of healing that would sustain my personal interests. Having a good relationship with the earth is a value that was reinstated when I was hoping to find my way through a powerful life healing transition.

The instruction is simple, the way is pure. Learning the way of reconnection gave me new grounding and inspiration to look to my ancestry. The value of holding real relationship with this earth and placing power upon those who hold a good way of associating dissolved my fears of the past. The reclamation of right relationship to that which is greater and wiser is always of importance. Learning the way is of old.

Earth Stewardship – the play of love

Through the years  earth based practices have opened my mind to the Tao and given me gifts of acceptance and healing. The symbol of the simple circle that faintly closes serves to represent the lightness and power of a cycle that never ends. Through the years I’ve come to accept that the outdoor world is one place that inspires health through reconnection. The practice of embodiement and enjoyment with play is empowering and proves to be of everlasting.  

The power and brilliance of what nature teaches and provides is of extreme need. Today I witness the ongoing converse of issues that hope to help us with healing the land we live on. My claim is that when we can sit and witness the great  wonder and beauty of our land, we feel the power of the Tao holding us.

I look to land stewardship as a way of spiritual holding that does not look to play in conflict with others. A peaceful earth walk generates a loving mindfulness for all to share.

What I decided through this work was to walk a path of unity with all those who are inclined to respect and love the goodness of what sustains health. This walk opened many doors and my understanding of how the faiths work to secure us in this walk.  I took an oath  as a way of holding stewardship and involved a daily expression through prayer and song. Today the path of earth stewardship remains the one sure way that I keep my health and awareness of how the beauty and life that surrounds us is of God.

Copyright Denise Richard