Devotional practice

Thousands of years of spiritual life have brought us to know that the service of our hearts leads to the actual placement in the light of consciousness.

In many traditions we learn that the offering of will to that which is greater and of total understanding brings a knowing of that. In experience we come to see this as the ultimate gift to giving. Giving of heart, will and mind is sometimes called surrender. This is the common thread we find in all spiritual people.

When we encounter a process where pain and suffering engage our sensitivity to the conflicts we have between the working physical world and the loving spiritual world we are sitting at the edge of our spiritual understanding. The ability to know how to let go and allow the greater light to secure and protect is of the upmost value. The teaching is active as the process of our consciousness is of choice.  To devote and hold reverence and respect for that which is good will be the one way to know.  

Devotion is the active process of total surrender that places us in a mutual experience of respect. Therefore in this place the boundaries that unify and ask us to know the play of spirituality are sensitively guided through the one who has been designated. Those who look to the teacher as the one who has dominion will lose the understanding of the devotional field of goodness.

Therefore when we hold devotion of a high nature we come to know others of a loving way also sensitive of heart. We come to recognise that the world we know is good when those that surround us can claim a personal field that is of great health and bountifully held in acceptance.

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Medicine Buddha 

Buddhist teachings unfold as a guiding power that helps to remove obstacles of mind in experience. The understanding is held as the grounding of a way of manifesting relationship that compassionately centres and clarifies. In personal practice the experience is an offering dedicated to the field.  This is usually a clean effort of opening to the greater experience of light and having the understanding of sharing at all levels.

In loving kindness the play of heart is not the usual movement. Buddhism actualizes the field of mind as a way to have a clean context. The experience of personal power shifts as the way of devotion orients the motivation towards the greater good and the whole.  Therefore the work of holding power is to be said in various purposes.

The use of practice engages an understanding as familiarity with the light resonance creates sensitivity and kindness.  The choice of a daily dose is sound remedy for what ails most.    


Simplicity is said to be the way of those who care. How we direct the heart and power of mind is a play in awareness with complex humanity. The intrigue in the desire to grow will usually expose a need for conscious heart. Those who follow the yearning will often reclaim a place of power for understanding of this is often good. When a person seeks to know thyself the purpose is commonly to open a greater field of awareness and reclaim deeper respect and grounding.

In the Buddhist way the path is set sensitively as the building of a practice of heart. Together the practitioner and the collective sangha create the field through which the light of heart is shared. The teacher is the one who holds the gate for this consciousness.

Fields of light
Growing with new 
Seeds opening into
Tender heart space

Wash is simple of letting
Have the stage with 

Curtains lost

Stand with nothing 
Sense the field
That plays and
Defines your Grace

Who knows has been
With no ground
Touch enlightenment here

Copyright ​Denise Richard