When the light of God is not acceptable and the consciousness of goodness is of power we come to see the suffering of a consciousness taken by greed. Spiritual bullying usually entails the misunderstanding of  Gods way and the misrepresentation of love and devotion.


​Whisper of wind

​Cool ribbons

Flutter with

Glistening melodies

Calling tendrils of

​Wonder into harmony

Stringing thoughts

With garland power

All awaken

With peaceful toes

Pink and tender 

​In soft clean shoes 

Light of love and compassion

When the world needs real love it isn't  sweet love unless it is given. In its true essence the expression of love demonstrates a compassionate power, potency and courage that only  a good heart can manage. When those who look to love and recognize that the heart is not a playground for those who harm, we find deep truth.    The heart that is sweet is the one who is meek. The care and consciousness of that which holds heart in our world propels the power of God. To those living and observing the light of God this idea is actualized as the knowing and the continual renewal of a profound consciousness.

​​Spiritual authority is in the biblical sense to have respect and personal relationship with the light of Christ. For those who do not have spiritual grounding and who do not understand the power of spirituality, there is attempt to harness spiritual power by will, and unfortunately lose insight and the way to give love with humanity. 



The words of the Bible have been used to make spirituality a chosen path. Impasses in my life have brought me to understand the value and support of spiritual text as a way to receive guidance and healing.  The Bible as a sacred text was written as a way to speak of life passages where suffering exposes a dire need for consciousness. Those who read the bible and find comfort in the way this text can help link with Divine intelligence, know that they can use this power as a way to manage darkness and suffering in the world.




The use of the Bible is good for those who have the intent on making a plea for right relationship. Those who misuse it are therefore not aware that spiritual power is not for the taking. In other words please know the value of right relationship to spirituality when considering other paths. Copyright Denise Richard


The beauty and reverence that nature awakens within is of design. My personal understanding of Christ light was given to me long ago. In my very early youth I could exclaim a soft, rose coloured light that endowed my life with a soothing quietness protecting all. Trusting in that which no one knew, I was understood as quiet and looked upon this world with innocence, yet through a light that counselled with a view that casually took away darkness. When such a power lives so close we prefer to know that this is the norm and work to be in like with this power

When the light puts forth clear awareness that the darkness of our world is of a design that looks to take and not give, we learn that the usual world is challenging for those who love. The bounty of our hearts is sensitive to the power of giving and provides the venue for growth. To humiliate someone who is of God takes away the sensitive power of love that soothes those around. To disclose that God is not of sort is usually a denial of a personal need. To those who seek and know not the goodness of heart we look to say no.

Of  spiritual issue

What the Bible does for each person is unique and personal.   Those who carry it as a way of protection and continual support find this text is with them in every way.  For those who find challenge in how the power of this text moves with society and who find conflict in how to rectify this personal issue, can find resolution. The association and perception of this text as too harsh and expressed as too strong inhibits respect for spiritual distinctiveness. Those associated with the bible know the experience of a community held in health.



We learn from experience in matters of God, and as we breathe the spirit of this power our practice is the way. Today the light of God is known to be of a usual Faith. In this we access God through a designated form of worship.

What the usual world  often doesn’t consider is that the world we live in is of God, and that the light is living and breathing The world we know is of a softness and usual health as we look upon the beauty and knowing of it.  As we learn to maintain a soft gaze and share the goodness with this physical world we learn of an awareness that is of Christ.