Most people work to survive and know a world supported by physical worth.  The point of this becomes a source of pain in those who look to the world and know that the greater the compassion the less we need. When we find comfort in providing support for those less fortunate we catch a glimpse of a human field of kindness.

What the need is we can provide, if in sharing the sensitive power of heart we unify consciousness and create community based giving. When those who give are taken in kind the cycle of heart is held. This offers an essence of faith in a delicate reality that knows everything is impermanent. To know and sustain this power is an act of personal will and commitment to the greater knowing that when we are sustained together we flourish in all ways.

If faith is of heart and commitment, then with respect the economy we share is supported in everything. The popular belief in a finite reality will shift and awaken us in new ways as we learn of  faith.

​Denise Richard