Devotion in Practice

Thousands of years of spiritual life have brought us to know that service leads to a placement in light of care with consciousness. Traditions of old offer us understanding through timelines with history. We learn with experience of the offering of will and that the greater concept with heart touches the whole of community. If will and heart deliver the gift of care we rely on surrender. Common spiritual traditions originate of this process, care for collective build on a thread that weaves our world today.    

The learning is active when the process with experience is of choice.  To devote is to give, with respect for that which is good we learn of mutuality.  The setting of a foundation for care in agreement sensitively guides us into a mutual field of awareness. Devotion in practice with standards of nature helps us find security for we come to know a sensitive way of care. Continuous learning places us and the practice becomes a field of understanding. The honour is given to those we hold in hand.

Copyright Denise Richard