When the heart is in need the one true source is that which does no harm. The heart will always respond when the holding is of care. Counsel is of importance, we distinguish a way that is of consciousness and heart.

Those who work with traditional counsel work with a general way of observation and a defined method of approach. A standard approach is to work with a series of defined questions to help understand a person's outlook and health. This serves  as a protective measure for care of a source of understanding.

Spiritual counsel serves a more subtle field by building acceptance in observation.  The outcome will be of heart when the alignment of will with the greater field of good is allowed.   Distinction with counsel  brings forth a way that has no defined outcome. Therefore the way of spiritual counsel allows for bringing forth of direct awareness in resolution.

Spiritual Counsel looks to resolve issues of relationship and supports reconnection to the whole. In awareness we find understanding and hope to know a compassionate reality.

Copyright Denise Richard

The Essence of Counsel