Beauty and scent deliver and influence desire. Like a delicate flower we perceive refinement and intelligence.  Cycles with time, traditional keeping of knowledge respectfully refer us to a continual welcoming of this feminine order. The birthing of all is through her, as the keeping or care is with all. Consciousness in creation is therefore neither feminine nor masculine yet holds its states with clarity through a demonstration of compassionate relating. Returning to the whole and inspiring renewal is the feminine way.

 If we look upon the nature of feminine power today we may know a common language through feminism – a language born of political conflict disregarding compassion as movement. This presents a conflict from old, where the play for power is consciously seeking of respect yet revealing the need for presence. How this revelation can help to soothe political strife can only be held with compassionate order.  If the pull to dominate and control are not subdued to engage the drawing for good limits with mindful care importance is lost and consciousness is self denied.

The term matriarchy is defined as a social order dominated or ruled by women as is the term feminism. We’ve come to describe the feminine consciousness formlessly by making use of patriarchal terms. Feminine nature is organic as its roots in consciousness to express the holding and nurturance.

To nurture is to give and hold in care. We find conflict with the feminine as with all when security and care for the whole in spirit is threatened.  The ultimate consciousness known to humankind is of a graceful order that seeks harmony and supports collective care in consciousness. When this order is compromised we lose the holding of the vessel and become incapable of maintaining right relationship to the whole.

In most ancient systems the matriarch is the one who holds household and serves to maintain relationship. This central role reflects ancient spiritual teachings. When we seek to know spirit in power we are drawn towards the concern for right relationship on the whole.

Copyright Denise Richard

Matriarchal Play