Oppression - Deception of Mind?

If continual movement, like the flow of water on a river or the gentle breeze through the oak tree present life giving forces, would we perish if natures movement ceased its offer? Without the gentle movement like the cleansing force of a summer rain scorching heat is unbearable, therefore if natures movement ceases reflecting continual movement - we suffer.  

The mind when fluid is perceived with many qualities – most sought is the calm mind, quiet mind or perhaps the open mind. How can mind be supported to exist in a comfortable state? The most difficult states of mind - like the distressed mind feels oppressive and reflects an internal climate or an emotional state influencing the play of mind – can the practice of mindfulness bring forth gentle relief through natural movement? Continual distress can build to an oppressive state, gripping like a fixative that holds unbearably. What life giving powers or gateways can nature provide in assistance or remedy?

The natural world resourcefully delivers to us a gravitational pull that summons a continual return to what is. Mindfullness in application requires an open attitude, plays for awareness and acceptance not for gain. The open breath is a common gateway for relief of stress, offers continual flow and movement. The old oak tree remainds us that mindfulness exists and offers renewal through being.

How does mindfulness address care for the healthy mind or presence in care for the common field of mind? And how can this affect our physical wellbeing? When the offer or giving of presence is caring and respectful of space and time, meaning is of now, the field of mind in awareness becomes by choice receptive. When in reception the whole or the bodymind has an experience of receptivity. Receptivity as a state interconnects with the field of earth where in fact we sense the subtle. Movement as in perception affects the all in the field – and therefore all states exist. Is a state of oppression a deceptive of mind, an experience of holding?

Perhaps, the mind isn’t its own agent. Perhaps, the field is the influencing agent that potentially deliver us to the whole. If, return is sought for time spent then where do we spend our time and how can we balance the playing field to include choice in our states of mind?

Copyright Denise Richard