A facebook posting came to me the other day, it went like this: “The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separateness”.

Strong statements have the ability to make us pause and reflect.  Though I have heard it said before here it was again and I was once again taken. A moment of truth can alter and shift a persons’ perception or reality forever.  For most of us it’s a modest, slow in-take of an understanding that will encourage a deep internal change. This simple statement touched me because like most simple truths, maintaining the consciousness of it is not such an easy task. In this human world allowing for continual awareness of interconnectedness regardless of personal or worldly influences is a tall order.

Over the past decades, the boom in electronic communication has given us access to more information than ever before. Ancient spiritual teachings and texts are more available than ever, supporting an educating and acceptance of a broader range of spiritual practices. This boost is globalizing the spiritual movement. Is it helping us accept and grow to know a greater love, a greater consciousness that sees value in tradition?  Or, perhaps this movement is having an equalizing effect by raising awareness and helping us release a perception of separation?  

This same boom of information accessibility also makes obvious and highlights information that we would rather not acknowledge. With the birth of a global spiritual movement also comes greater awareness of responsibility. It takes great patience to stay heart centered, clear and not recoil when facing a world of war, famine and perpetual devastation. It takes great courage to apply the golden rule and an attitude of tenderness and compassion when facing suffering of any kind, especially our own.

Pressure is great when the more we know, the more we need responsibility. If presence is the tool and mindfulness is a common spiritual practice, with cultivation of an attitude of service we set a foundation for the principles of faith and support equanimity. Seeing the glass as half full and allowing for chaos as opportunity extends to a global undertaking - we can then share the platform through which our hearts come together and dissolving this illusion of separateness.  

Copyright Denise Richard

The Greatest Illusion