Entitlement and Worthiness


Tenderly prying open enclosed heart drops love bestows worthiness.
                                                                                               Denise Richard

A journey of heart moves us to claim deep understanding with self. In reflection we project forth inquiry, often the question at hand is:  how does the heart get hurt? Though we may intuitively trust our personal commitment to act with love, we hope that love will reflect back in a myriad of ways. Question is without the reflection of another, can we cultivate love, are feel worthy of love?  

In culture, we don’t do well with sensitivity and kindness of heart if we perceive that the speaking or engaging in question is delicate. We see this in popular culture as a continuous expression of power, violence and domination - not love. Can the field of heart personally or collectively continue to put up with the onslaught of fear and pain? Natural instinct withholds the heart when in fear, we become captive until we choose a surrender to self and make our way known.

Crusty patterns of holding create a difficult reality. These challenge the management of a painful reality, yet pain can gently turn to dust in the light of kindness. One taste can leave a person feverishly desiring more. How we reclaim ourselves to relate to the well of love can only be by way of love itself. We all yearn for love yet have little real understanding of its potency. Love can move the deepest of suffering, can cause the most rational person to meet a potential insanity or craziness of self. Its mystery forever baffles the human mind, creating conflicts that are hard to rectify.

Perceived conflict that comes by way of desiring love takes as a need and entitlement. Human beings have the right to love, and yet without preoccupation or tending to the field of heart in relationship, the sense of entitlement acts as a power play looking to hold stake in someone else heart. Entitlement is based on rights, past agreements that show ownership? Any agreement to which we create vows to love will foster a sense of entitlement. Yet, in truth, can entitlement really foster love?  How often we see and hear of expectations running relationship the taking of love. We quickly learn the refined distinctions between what love is and what isn’t in how we practice care with love. When we dive into inquiry, we look to know how we understand and don’t engage with love.

We know we need love and need to love - how does love define us?  How does worthiness engage a field of love? Can we will ourselves to love congruently?  If entitlement fostered when agreements are made serve to maintain boundaries that do not harm, the agreement reminds us of the choices we’ve made. I question whether the heart can care for the holding unless the heart can open to worthiness.

Temperance of daily life helps us learn acceptance. How accepting each unique moment - nothing remains the same. Only by way of love does love bloom and grow. Only by way of love and humility does the tinyness of our humanness get felt with dignity. By way of love we know the pathway of worthiness.

Copyright Denise Richard