We know through science that the brain is deeply impressed by acts of compassion. and that compassionate action can unify the lobes of the brain harmonizing the bodies systems. In light of this understanding we know that care is capable of supporting the reset of a complex system of nerve pathways affecting issues of care in personal ways. Compassion influences the whole as an umbrella under which heart unifies. Compassion is conscious care capable of gently transforming difficult experiences.

Community is like the spider’s web as it offers pathways in service of purposeful relationship. Like rivers these services interconnect and exchange with the whole. If relationships fostered in community are potential pathways for sustenance and growth, we come to depend on compassionate care for the goodness of consciousness and awareness of relationship.

When a person undergoes deep transition, be it through death of a loved one, falling in love, retirement, birth of child or serious illness; all relationships are affected. For example, the opening of one person’s heart can trigger a similar effect for all and open the collective community to a direct experience of compassion. Sharing a powerful experience such as this is deeply bonding and awakens a heartfelt connection that is very strong and special. At times compassion seems effortless. The opposite is equally true. When transitions are difficult or painful they can challenge the ability to relate compassionately.These times expose us to our personal limitations in understanding and acting with compassion. However transition are interpreted, it is a guarantee they will affect community as a whole.

As an individual’s experience or transition affects the community at large, so does the community’s consciousness affect the individual’s quality of usual experience. Community affects each one of us as it is what sustains us. The consciousness we hold together has the potential to act as a field of light, an umbrella that protects the group and helps to relate with respect. How do we foster better group compassion? How does the one who is transitioning find heart?

If the umbrella is a shared field of care we know sorrow when compassion is denied.The sorrow of living without compassion denies intelligence and insight. Isolation and hardship dissolve with health community care. When service pathways flow with mindful compassion distress is released offering potential for renewal and hope.A win win for all.

Copyright Denise Richard



Community and Compassion