Healthy mind, healthy body. We hear this said time and time again. How do we lose clarity and mindfulness?

Take for example the image of fly paper. That sticky gluey strip we hang to catch flies on a hot summer night. When the mind is continually held with stress and strife, we cannot relax or release ourselves. We can fixate on little problems and create an energetic likeness to that gluey fly paper strip. So common is this we consider it of a usual reality. When the mind is exercised like this, the gluey strip  protects as a mind loop, becomes an imprint that hangs in a dark reality.

The mind is naturally fluid when in a state without concern. Take the light of consciousness as experience in the light of night. If you look upon the stars you see before you a representation of light. If you have no association with physics, you will have no association with star systems. The mind remains still or unwavering and perhaps open. If you have experience and knowledge of astro physics you will have a complex series of thoughts that move you through associations.  The distinction of thought in observation is called mindfulness.

The light of mindfulness is not commonly spoken of with the body. In a physical practice we build experience supporting presence and movement of energy.  Those inspired will learn basic tools, skills to enhance awareness that support access with the whole. Practices called Chi Kung and Tai Chi help develop the light of mindfulness. Considered basic practice they ask nothing more than awareness. Simple and easy postures enhance energy and motion, students develop the practice of observation as awareness expands with the movement of energy. Consistent application helps release stress in the bodymind. When the body is safely held in posture the system in health will grow with mindfulness.

In the traditions of old, Chi Kung and Tai Chi present the premise that observation, compassionate care and mindfulness are foundational for health. The basic foundation is simple and appropriate for care and remediation of all issue in health. Sensitivity and presence support.

  Copyright Denise Richard

The Light of Mindfulness